International TV Canada provides an accurate and updated listing of all International television channels available in Canada via Cable, Satellite & IPTV.  In addition, the site also contains listings for select Free-to-Air channels, available on the Galaxy 19 satellite- the predominant satellite for FTA content in North America.


Information is organized geographically by region, with a page for each country from within that region and a listing of all available channels from that country.  Each listing contains the name of the channel as well as a brief description and list of providers who carry the channel.  There are currently over 200 ethnic channels available in Canada from all parts of the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America.


International TV Canada also contains direct links to official online streams for broadcasters that provide an online stream of their channel.  The stream indicated may be either free or subscription based.  The channels with online streams are denoted by the Live Stream icon located in the Availability section.

Channel News

ARY Musik is no longer available.